About Us

What is NC?


Nerd Community is an online based educational platform formed in 2015, with the aim of bringing English medium school students -both Edexcel and Cambridge-  from all over the country to share ideas, queries and knowledge effortlessly from the comfort of homes. The world of education is a varied one, and in the large arena of the World Wide Web, there are more misinformation than authentic information. NC targets to ensure that the students receive this authentic information, expert advice and resources which truly serve its users.


Ever had to sit through a 2-hour long class to get a particular problem solved which itself takes about 5 minutes? Well, now you can simply take a picture and post it on Nerd Community’s threads to receive an instant solution from fellow scholars to test their skills. Not only does it save time, this amalgamation also results in a stronger sense of community among the students. It bridges the communication gap amongst classmates and builds up a circle of trust.


NC is home to some 4000 students. They are all connected to each other through a physical platform where seniors can impart their valuable wisdom to current students. Hearing about their seniors’ experiences will hopefully inspire the youngsters and guide them towards their future careers.


After all, at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.


What is NC doing?


1. Problem solving eg help with a past year question or sum. Just post it on a thread with a few hashtags and rest in peace! Someone soul will come to your aid.


2. Online services eg sharing links of the PDF versions of textbooks.


3. Resources eg notes prepared by fellow students.


4. Olympiads. Currently, we’re sharing information on the 7th Bangladesh Chemistry Olympiad 2016.


5. University issues eg sharing info on admission tests, advice on applying abroad, and other queries.


6. Content Development ie making resources for fellow O/A level students and SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL test takers.


Study Guides, designed to reduce the pre-exam stress. The guide, prepared by our prestigious admins from their respective fields, will provide tips on how to master question papers and achieve good grades and study accordingly every day.



What are NC’s future plans ?


After high school comes the dreaded foreign university applications for those going abroad, and the hectic and highly competitive public university entrance exams for those staying in the country. We hope to hold seminars to help A level graduates facing either of the two situations, as well as providing career counselling to help them choose their major.


We are not stopping just there. NC’s very own library and magazine will soon be set in motion! Not only that, we have plans to organize workshops on computing, robotics, practice sessions of MUN, debate, public speaking, creative learning and various other events we hope help our fellow nerds become versatile and thoughtful contributors to society. We are also planning to hold seminars where famous people like youth icons, experts in their respective fields, as well as our reputed teachers, will give inspiring talks to the youth. Furthermore, we aspire to organize charity events to aid the disabled and underprivileged children.


NC believes that everyone with a desire to learn should be given the opportunity to do so. So join us as we Nerd Community aims to help everyone discover the joy in learning, regardless of their circumstances.