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If you know your basics from IGCSE well enough, AS will be easy for you. Yes, there are a few new topics, questions are lengthy and the calculations are a tad tricky. However, with practise and focus, you’ll do just fine. Here also, you have to make sure your formats are correct. Believe me, you DO NOT want nothing less than full marks in questions regarding Statement of Financial Position and/or Statement of Comprehensive Income (basically the same as Income Statment you learned before).


AS theories may seem hard at first, but with practice, you’ll see that the theories they ask are repetitive. Go through mark schemes, especially the recent ones since they have the most detailed theory answers. You may even review the Cambridge AS and A level Accounting book by Harold Randall to help with theories or the basics. And yes, that book is valid study material even though it’s Cambridge as long as you stick to learning what is there in the specification.


To achieve the highest possible marks in theories, try relating your answers to the calculations you just did and use them in your answers (especially important in A2), particularly in the case of ratios. Be logical, relevant and concise in your evaluation. Use proper English and avoid make grammatical errors.


In A2, you have to get your basics right and yes, there’re more formats you have to remember. For the maximum marks, try not to make any calculation mistakes and be careful of the language used in the Budget questions. Theories in A2 will mostly be based on the situation ie the company for whom you made your calculations. So, understand the scenario properly.


Practise. Do your classes properly. Make sure you know and understand the theory concepts to the core. Most importantly, do not attempt those questions where you feel unsure about your answers. Do not take any risk. Only answer questions which you are most comfortable with.



Subject Information

Information Unit 1 Unit 2
Total Chapters 19 15
Raw Marks 200 200
UMS/Scaled Mark 300 300
Exam Duration 3 hours 3 hours
Specification Download Specification
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