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Do your classes properly and focus. Practise properly. Accounting is one of the easiest subjects but if you don’t focus or practise properly, it can become really tough. Remember the formats and don’t mess with them. For theory, it is suggested that you look up the mark schemes and the IGCSE Student Book. The examiners want theories to be very specific so make sure your answers are relevant. While filling those T accounts, make sure your answers fit in that box provided. Anything written outside the box will not be checked and you’ll lose your marks. And ensure that you know your basics well enough. Learn your definitions and formulae otherwise, you may lose some potential marks. Make sure you use correct terminology!



Subject Information

Information Paper 1
Total Chapters 19
Raw Marks 100
UMS/Scaled Mark 100
Exam Duration 2 hour 30 minutes
Specification Download Specification
Download Book Download Exercise Solution
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