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Whenever students hear the name of Bengali the first thing that comes in their mind is that ‘Whoosh. I’m going to fail’, most students don’t realize that getting A in Bengali is the easiest. In IGCSE level candidates have to deal with two things- translation and creative writing. These are divided into three parts. In first part or Section A candidates are asked to translate five sentences from English to bengali, for which 10 marks are given. Also, 5 additional marks are given (1 mark for each translation) for the quality of language used.


Section B consists of two passages. The first passage, comparatively the easy one, asks the candidates to translate the passage into Bengali from English. 25 marks are given for this. And another 25 marks are provided for the second passage, which needs to be translated into English from Bengali. Out of all the four question this passage is the trickiest one apparently. Most of the student lose maximum marks here.


Section C tests our Creative writing skills. Four essays of different categories are given, from where candidates have to pick one. Very rarely, among the four options Candidates are asked to write a letter as well. 35 marks are provided for this section.


Getting A in Bengali is like serving a shuttlecock. If one know the right way of serving it’s not hard at all. For the first three questions (which are all translations) candidates have to have a very clear knowledge about ‘what means what’ or precisely candidates have to memorize a lot of word meanings. . The easy way of doing that is to read newspapers, mark the unknown words, and find the meanings.  For the creative writing part, Imagination is the key to success, for those who do not have proper GK about anything. Otherwise always try to pick the argumentative or expository essay, because these are the scariest ones and just because of attempting them, they are going to gift you 1/ 2 marks. (BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PROPER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE CHOSEN TOPIC AND YOU CAN AT LEAST WRITE 200 WORDS ABOUT IT). Lastly, if the chosen topic asks for ‘Your Comments/opinion ‘you must write at least one para giving your comments or opinion. ‘



Subject Information

Information Paper 1
Total Chapters -
Raw Marks 100
UMS/Scaled Mark 100
Exam Duration 3 hours
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