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This is probably one of the easiest subjects in IGCSE and can easily be conquered with regular revision and practice of past papers. The syllabus does cover a wide range of topics including classification of species, animal physiology, plant physiology and genetics which makes it even more diversified and exciting! Studying specification wise from the student book, should land you an A*.


The exam itself is divided into P1 and P2. Both cover the same set of topics but the question patterns tend to differ. P1 for Biology tends to be a bit more experimental whereas P2 is a bit more direct and somewhat theoretical.


Certain questions do get repeated from time to time and it’s advisable to remember the mark scheme points in order to avoid unnecessary loss of marks.


Long story short, biology is fun and it can be mastered with just a bit of sincerity and practice.



Subject Information

Information Paper 1 Paper 2
Total Chapters 22 22
Raw Marks 120 60
UMS/Scaled Mark 120 60
Exam Duration 2 hours 1 hour
Specification Download Specification
Edexcel IGCSE Biology Student Book
Download Book Download Exercise Solution
Edexcel IGCSE Biology Revision Guide
Download Book Download Exercise Solution
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