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For most people, IGCSE Chemistry is hands down the easiest subject. This is true for a wide majority but it is necessary to keep in mind that although the contents of the syllabus are not as challenging as the others, regular revision and practice will be required to get a high mark. The syllabus starts from the very basics of sub-atomic particles, goes towards inorganic chemistry and ends on a high note with organic chemistry.

The exam is divided into two papers. Chances are that you will not be faced with too many broad questions which makes your job even easier. It’s advisable if you practice both P1 and P2 past papers for the past five years. This will give you an idea of what to expect on the day of the actual exam. The student book is more than enough to get you an A* in Chemistry.

Having said that, practice. You will be expected to know a couple of experimental techniques and laboratory tests not to mention chemical equations. It is only via proper studying and practice will you, like most people, find O’level Chemistry to be a walk in the park.



Subject Information

Information Paper 1 Paper 2
Total Chapters 26 26
Raw Marks 120 60
UMS/Scaled Mark 120 60
Exam Duration 2 hours 1 hour
Specification Download Specification
Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry Student Book
Download Book Download Exercise Solution
Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry ActiveBook
Download Book Download Exercise Solution
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