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Edexcel IGCSE Economics is one of the easier subjects in IGCSE to get a good grade in. The subject consists of only one paper and therefore you will be sitting for only one exam. You will be learning about individual economies of various countries and learning about the global economy as a whole. The course will help to develop:

  1.        The understanding of various economic concepts and your ability to apply them to real life.
  2.        Your ability to analyze and evaluate economic data and make informed economic decisions.
  3.        Your understanding of the extent to which changes in different economic factors and conditions impact both developed and developing countries.
  4.        Your ability to understand the problems and issues faced by mixed economies and your ability to come up with solutions for those problems.


The books that you will find particularly helpful for this course are GCSE Economics written by Robert Paisley & John Quillfeldt and Starting Economics by GF Stanlake.



Subject Information

Information Paper 1
Total Chapters 34
Raw Marks 120
UMS/Scaled Mark 120
Exam Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
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