Further Pure Mathematics

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Pure Mathematics is probably one of the most feared IGCSE subjects. Although it might come of as something really difficult, with time it gets better. The grade boundaries are strict and make it quite hard to grab that A* without completely mastering the subject.

The subject is divided into two papers – P1 and P2, both testing similar topics. There’s no specific pattern to the papers so practicing all the chapters before each exam is recommended.

It’s not impossible to get A* in Pure Mathematics but it is quite hard. Practising the questions in the book on a regular basis and then moving onto the question is the best way to do it. Pure mathematics is probably going to take the most out of you but with practice a good grade is imminent.



Subject Information

Information Paper 1 Paper 2
Total Chapters 10 10
Raw Marks 100 100
UMS/Scaled Mark 100 100
Exam Duration 2 hours 2 hours
Specification Download Specification
Edexcel IGCSE Further Pure Mathematics Student Book
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