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Information and Communications Technology (ICT), is an extended synonym, an umbrella term which contains both Information Technology (IT) as well as Communications Technology under its fold.


This subject is assessed by 2 papers: 1 theory and 1 practical paper.


The written theory exam is 2 hours long and covers a wide range of topics. Questions range from simple true/false ones, to ones requiring long, extended answers. On the other hand, the practical paper is 3 hours long and covers the use of a wide range of softwares (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)


Just like any other IGCSE subject, ICT theory requires you to understand and learn the facts. The ‘IGCSE ICT’ student book is what you’ll have to follow for the subject. Go through the specification of the subject and the revision guide for extra help.


As the ICT exam papers are very similar, I believe it’s very important to do all the past papers. This will also give you a very good idea on how the exam papers are.


As for the practical paper, you’ll have to practice a lot. Even though the Practical paper is 3 hours long, time will not be on your side. So make sure you know how to work the softwares and that you’re familiar with the interface.

Subject Information

Information Paper 1 Paper 2
Total Chapters 12 -
Raw Marks 100 100
UMS/Scaled Mark 100 100
Exam Duration 1 hour 30 minutes 3 hours
Specification Download Specification
IGCSE Information and Communication Technology
Download Book Download Exercise Solution
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