Our Mission

Founder’s Story


A dream can change the world. Such was the case for Jannatul Ferdous. On 3rd November, 2015, she opened a Facebook group Nerd Community, started adding friends from her friend list and encouraged her friends to do the same. The dream was simple: provide a platform for students from English Medium background and enable them to help and connect with one another to have the most enriching learning experience.


“During my O/A levels, I faced problems during studying and had to knock several people for help. In doing this, I felt abashed thinking that I was troubling them too much. I began to understand that students from  English medium background need a place where we can gather and share what we’ve learned, help each other, and form a budding community where we’re inspired to learn. We lack skills and that extra which would set us apart from hundreds to students. With this idea in mind, I started Nerd Community,” says Jannat.


Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide the most reliable academic resources for students. We want every student to become the best in their fields and thus, we endeavor to provide the best guidance we can.


Our vision is a better informed future where students focus on mastery of skills and knowledge instead of just accumulating grades. The world is rapidly changing with advancements in technology and becoming more competitive. Thus, we must ensure that they are adequately equipped to face the challenges of the future.


Resource Centre: Nerd Community strives to be the most useful learning platform to students and thus works hard to offer the best study resources.


  • A platform for discussing study problems – as soon as someone posts a problem or a question in the group, one of the moderators or group member immediately responds to the post or they tag the person who they think can answer better. In this way, it is ensured that every post has been responded to


  • Exam threads for discussing problems and tips- prepared by moderators for each individual subject. This is generally done right before the exam sessions. Students post their queries and help each other in answering and clearing concepts. It also provides a sense of unity among the examinees, knowing that they are not alone in their anxiety and struggles.


  • Blog posts on SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL/ O/A Levels to guide students to achieve the best possible grades – written by experienced veterans. These people know what it is like to sit for those tests and provide firsthand knowledge on how to tackle those.


  • Study guides prepared by world/country highest achievers- recently, NC created a forum the high achievers. They were sent a form on how they prepared for those subjects and advice on how to proceed for the juniors. Our NC team is gathering those forms and preparing the study guides.


  • University queries for both national and international unis answered by university students- for all students, university is the most important topic they want to know more about. Thus, this platform provides ample opportunities to post any such queries which are answered by senior students in university. Thus, the youth receive firsthand knowledge about admission requirements, tests, and advice on how to prepare and which degree they should pursue directly from their senior counterpart.


  • Experienced advisors from renowned institutions to give moral and educational guidance to students- sometimes, even our respected teachers take time out of their busy schedule to respond to student inquiries. They also write motivational comments to ease the anxious minds of the students.


  • Counselling by senior students and teachers alike-


  • Promotion of Olympiads and Skills workshops (debate & public speaking, robotics, computing, creative, leadership), opportunities for volunteering in prestigious organizations and organizing charity events- there are many English medium students out there who do not know about olympiads. NC has taken the initiative to inform current students about these invaluable Olympiads – a once in a lifetime opportunity for students. We have even setup booths across different tuition centers to provide participation forms for them.


Amidst their busy study schedule, a group of hardworking and dedicated NC interns are doing their best in preparing these resources, monitoring the group and the page, and responding quickly to the queries. Without them, NC would not be where it is today. They are an integral part of Ned Community.