Our Team

Founder and CEO
Jannatul Ferdous Sigma

A dream can change the world. Such was the case for Jannatul Ferdous. On 3rd November, 2015, she opened a Facebook group Nerd Community, started adding friends from her friend list and encouraged her friends to do the same. The dream was simple: provide a platform for students from English Medium background and enable them to help and connect with one another to have the most enriching learning experience.

“During my O/A levels, I faced problems during studying and had to knock several people for help. In doing this, I felt abashed thinking that I was troubling them too much. I began to understand that students from English medium background need a place where we can gather and share what we’ve learned, help each other, and form a budding community where we’re inspired to learn. We lack skills and that extra which would set us apart from hundreds to students. With this idea in mind, I started Nerd Community,” says Jannat.


Chief Operating Officer
and Head of Human Resources
Sayeed Zamee

I know nothing!


Chief Marketing Officer
Subham Barua

Somewhere along the line, I found myself in a mess. A struggle which I thought I would not overcome. NC gave me that lifeline I needed and gave me the chance to make sure no one else has to go through it again. To me, NC is the ray of hope for the countless individuals who believe they aren’t worth something.


Chief Technology Officer
Kawser Nasim

Being a part of NC as a developer has brought me anxiety, depression and countless sleepless nights. Sigma Apu breathing down my neck to meet deadlines did not help it either. But all kidding aside, the people below me are some of the most talented and creative people I ever met and while the work is challenging, I enjoy every single moment and nothing but proud to be a part of the NC family.


Counseling Head (International Universities)
Dewan Al Fahad

The idea is to add value to one’s own life so that when the time comes, they can look back and feel content with the life they had led. Being a member of Nerd Community has given me the priceless opportunity to help others with their education and to perhaps leave a positive impact in their lives. And I believe there is great value and happiness in that.


Head of Content Development
Faiyaz Elahi Mullick

Git Gud


Blogging Head
Raihan Sobhan

I have been part of an incredible team that is developing an education platform together for some time. One thing has remained constant – the effort to ensure every student would find the information and resources helpful.

It’s a privilege and challenge to now be heading our wonderful blog. I look forward to working more on the extraordinary insights and advice a student would come to expect.


Head of Social Media
Shehrin Tabassum Odri

Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality. – Dalai Lama.
That’s what we, at Nerd Community, want to achieve.
Share knowledge, help others, make the path of education easier for everyone as much as possible, and live in the memory for the rest of their life as superheros/nerds.

As the Head of Social media, me and my team will try our best to spread knowledge through social media platform(s) in an ‘un’boring way.


Head of Creative Services
Mirza Nayeem Ahmed

Trying to brighten up the gloomy world of exams and studies – is my job.
Mixing up imagination and innovation to make education exciting again!

I’ll be will be in charge on anything related to creativity – events, publications, and so much more!


Head of Graphic Designing
Sadman Sakib

Making things look colorful is our job. We give life to non living things, AKA Graphic design. Its always a pleasure to work with such an amazing family and the two kids with me working hard to ensure graphics are top notch in what you see in our social sites. Cheers!